Impresora incorporada.

Software para PC incorporado.

Funciones: FHR,TOCO, movimiento fetal y reconocimiento automático del canal.

Transductor de alta sensibilidad (9 cristales y 2 Mhz.) para una detección precisa, reducción de las falsas señales, reconocimiento FHR continuo.


  • 1 sonda FHR

  • 1 sonda TOCO

  • 1 marcador de eventos

  • 1 banda elástica

  • 1 gel

  • 1 rollo de papel

  • 1 fusible 1.6A

  • 1 cd software

  • 1 cable RS232

  • 1 cable alimentación.


    Dimensions and weight:300x270x100h - 3,5 kg

    Safety:Comply with IEC60601-1, IEC60601-1-2 EN55011, IEC1157, YY0449-2003

    Electrical protection:Class I equipment without internal power supply.

    Protection level: FHR1, FHR2, TOCO, remote maker, fetl stimulator CLASS B. No waterproof. No use wtith flammable gas presence. EMC: Group I class A

    Power supply Operating voltage: 100V-240V AC

    Line frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Pmax: 60VA

    Fuse: Tl.6AL

    Display: 3 bicolor numeric LED (green/red).Printer LED indicator. ON/OF status led indicator. Audio alarm indicator (green/red). FHR quality signal indicator (green/orange). TOCO quality signal indicator (green/orange).

    Paper: 112mm-effective printing width: 104. Paper printing speed: 1cm/min, 2cm/min, 3cm/min. FHR 7 cm. FHR scaling. 30BPM/cm. TOCO 3,4 cm. TOCO scaling 25%/0,85 cm.

    Data accuracy: +59% (Xaxis) + % (Y axix).

    Record message: Date, Time, TOCO type, paper speed,FHR type, bed nº, etc… Ultrasound channel.Pulsed doppler and autocorrelation technique.

    Impulse repetition: 2khz

    Impulse time: 114 use

    Ultrasound frequency: 2MHz+10%. Iob<10 m W/cm2. FHR range 50BPM-210BPM .Resolution: 1 bpm Accuracy: + 2bpm. TOCO external. TOCO Range 0-100, 135% strenght corresponding to 100%. Sensiviry: 3,7μV/V/mmHg. Non-linear error +10%. Resolution: 1%. Zero mode Auto/manual. Fetal movement maker. Manual/automatic fetal movement maker. FHR alarm. FHR alalrms set up is fixed. If FHR (FHR1/FHR2/DECG) is inferior or superior to the level and time already set up, monitor will give audio/visual alarm signal.